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Boomerang pillow features

I'm the perfect Boomerang pillow.  With this Boomerang pillow you help spread kindness in the world.   

This pillow provides excellent support and comfort.   The boomerang pillow can also be referred to as the V shaped or U shaped pillow.  

These pillows are proudly made in Australia.  We don't have any single-use plastic packaging.  

For every pillow we sell we donate 50% of the profits to women experiencing homelessness.

The boomerang pillow is made using a 100% Cotton Sateen exterior and polyester filling.  The pillows are anti-bacterial and machine washable for a long-life.

The size of the Australian made boomerang pillow is 60 cm x 28 cm (arm) x 24 cm (width).

Boomerang pillow uses

They hug around the body and are often used during pregnancy, feeding and recovery from surgery. They are also known as ‘Banana Pillows’.

People enjoy using them as they offer more support than a traditional cushion or pillow when on a sofa, feeding a baby, or sleeping for women during the later stages of pregnancy.  Check out our blog here on Pregnancy pillows

Apart from using the Boomerang pillow as a pregnancy pillow, there are a number of other uses that we have listed below:

On your lap while watching TV or Netflix

Useful for resting a cup of tea, reading your book without craning your neck.

Recovery from Surgery 

Many men and women use a boomerang pillow post surgery, as they are a larger pillow and offer more support when sitting upright.

Resting with Colds & Flu’s 

They can be useful when recovering in bed from colds, surgery and the like. as they are larger and wrap around you feeling snug.

Support for Knees if suffering from back pain 

The U shaped pillow fits well under both knees for supporting you when suffering back pain – rising the knees and taking pressure off the back, when sitting on a sofa.

We recommend our Pregnancy Pillow for use as a boomerang pillow. We also recommend it as it is a standard size for U shaped pillow cases.

Boomerang Pillowcases

One of the dilemmas we’ve found with unusual shaped pillows is finding pillowcases.  So we have listed below some recommendations for buying suitable pillowcases:

1. Pure You:  These are a lovely soft cotton in pink.   You can visit the store here

2. Organature: These guys focus on all natural, no chemical production. They are of the few who do organic cotton in u-shaped pillowcases, are 100% Australian made and owned, and very high quality.  You can visit the store here