4 Steps to selecting the best Pregnancy Pillow (2020 reviews)

We want to help you select the best pregnancy pillow and maternity pillow that is supportive and comfortable.  Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy.  As the stages of pregnancy progress, women tend to find they need to sleep differently to be comfortable. Commonly an extra few pillows are useful, to place between the legs, and/or under the growing stomach.  

Before we go into the list of best pregnancy pillows it is important to consider the below steps including sleep position, pregnancy pillow types and feeding & nursing considerations.  However, if you are short of time just go straight to our Top 10 pregnancy pillows.


Step 1: Sleep Position

You may be a back sleeper in the early stages of pregnancy, and as baby grows you are likely to find sleeping on the side more comfortable. In fact, doctors recommend side sleeping in the later stages of pregnancy. This is likely to see you searching for a different style of pillow to your normal go-to.

Side sleepers require a higher profile pillow, back sleepers tend to use a lower profile.

During pregnancy it can be helpful to have 3 or 4 pillows close by your bed, so you can use them to support you during the night in various places. Some days you may have more aches and pains than others, and various sizes and styles of pillow are worth trying out. Restless legs and aching backs can be common, so several low-profile pillows can help you get relief when propped around the area. Your feet may swell, and a pillow folded in half under your knees can be useful to get circulation back to the area.

Step 2: Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

Our suggestion is to buy a standard sized maternity and/or pregnancy pillow – to ensure you can get pillowcases easily – if there is one thing babies do - it’s make a mess. You want to make sure you can easily remove, and wash covers. Some stores sell elaborate body pillows which wrap and hug around you, and we’ve found that pillow cases and protectors are impossible to find for them, leaving you with grotty pillows, or needing to frequently wash and dry them – something you may find hard as a busy parent.

Look for well made pillows, of either poly or cotton inners, so they can occasionally be machine washed and bounce back into shape. Be aware that pillows with wool, bamboo and Tencel retain heat, and may make you sweaty, and may not be suitable if you experience hot flushes.

Step 3: Feeding & Nursing

We find that the u and v pillow suitable for both breast and bottle feeding, as Bub can be manoeuvred into a comfortable position in front of you. These style pillows can also be left easily on your sofa with a simple pillowcase, and not disrupt your décor too much – which is nice when you have guests to visit you and new Bub. Guests often like to use the pillows to help them support Bub, especially older & junior guests who don’t feel confident holding a newborn.

A note that pillows are not recommended for babies, so please use during feeding and nursing to support your baby against you, however not for sleeping purposes.

Step 4: The Best Pregnancy Pillows

To help you find the best pregnancy pillows we have made a list of our recommendations:



1. #GoKindly

This is a great all-round pregnancy and maternity pillow.  This comfortable pillow is machine washable so it's easy to keep clean. Includes free delivery and fits a standard U-shaped pillow slip.  This pillow is sold on this website so we are biased!  But we think it's the best because it is comfortable, supportive, made in Australia and the biggest plus is that proceeds support women experiencing homelessness. Priced at $55 and great value. 

 You can buy the pregnancy pillow here

2. MammaWay

Pregnancy pillow

A highly regarded pillow, priced at $159.95. It has extra covers you can purchase, which is a bonus – as you find yourself needing to change and wash them with a small bub. Well reviewed, for both sleep support and feeding bub.

 You can buy the pillow here.


3. BellyBean

Fits nicely under the belly on both sides, to facilitate sleeping in the later stages of pregnancy. Is not suited to feeding or nursing. A great sleep aide, and machine washable cover. Affordable at $72, and comes in a variety of colours.

You can buy the pillow here.


4. Butterfly

Pregnancy pillow buy

The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is similar to the BellyBean, but larger sized. It supports women on both sides while sleeping in the later stages of pregnancy. Priced at $97, and additional covers can be purchased. Not suitable for feeding/nursing.

You can buy the pillow here.


5. The Boyfriend Pillow

Body pillow

A whole of body encasing pillow. It wraps around the body, supporting from all angles. Additional covers can be purchased. Priced at $119.95, and can be used for feeding if moved around the body, although it is marketed as a maternity pillow.

You can buy the pillow here.


6. Bamboo Full Body Pillow

Bamboo pregnancy pillow

The Bamboo full body pillow from Pregnancy Pillows is a long narrow pillow, designed to be place either behind or in front while you sleep. Priced at $99.95, and made from memory foam, it is well regarded. It should be noted that it is heavy, weighing in around 2kgs. Pillow cases for this sized pillow can also be difficult to find but it does come with a cover. It would make a good feeding pillow, as it would sit well on your lap and not move due to the weight and shape. 

You can buy the pillow here.

7. Luxor Linen Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy pillow

Full body pillow, suitable for feeding and nursing. Made in Australia, with additional covers available to purchase. Priced at $99, comes in 3 colours.

You can purchase this pregnancy pillow here.

8. Sensitiva Fully Length by Bambi

Pregnancy pillow photo

This full length, long pillow by Bambi is Australian made, priced at $89. It is allergy friendly, with a cotton outer. The pillow comes with a white pillow cover. They’re a trusted local company, and well regarded.

You can purchase this pillow here.

9. Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy wedge pillow

This wedge with a removable cotton cover holds its shape well, and is long lasting. It is recommended for use if you are experiencing backpain. They also have a self-inflating version which is useful for travel. Priced at $85, and designed by a specialist in pregnancy massage.

You can buy this pillow here.

10. Ultimate Sleep Full Body U pillow

This full shaped pillow wraps right around the body, allowing you to move from side to side and be fully supported. Priced at $249 it is is at the upper price range. You can buy new covers on their store. 

Find out more details here.


Final Thoughts

Parents on a budget may like to save money and reuse pillows as maternity and feeding pillows once bub arrives. The v or u shaped pillow (or boomerang pillow) is a versatile pillow, as it can be used around the body, between the legs during pregnancy, and then used to wrap around the body to hold Bub when feeding.  

We hope this has helped you select the best pregnancy pillow and maternity pillow that will give you the comfort you need at this precious time of your life.